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Name:A Case Study Integrated AIDS Program Thika Kenya

The global HIV and AIDS epidemic has affected sub-Saharan Africa more than any other region in the world. AIDS deaths in sub-Saharan Africa account for 72% of AIDS deaths worldwide. As a result, the number of children who have been orphaned or otherwise made vulnerable by HIV and AIDS is also highest in this region. Despite the influx of programs and policies in the last decade to address this crisis, very little evidence is available as to the impact and effectiveness of these programs. In an attempt to fill this knowledge gap, MEASURE Evaluation is undertaking a targeted evaluation of four programs for orphaned and vulnerable children (OVC) in four unique settings in Kenya and Tanzania. The targeted evaluation includes household surveys, focus group discussions, a costing analysis and in-depth case studies of the selected programs. The purpose of this case study is to gain a better understanding of one of the programs selected for the evaluation — Integrated AIDS Program-Thika (IAPThika) supported by Pathfinder International — as well as identify lessons learned that could be applied to other initiatives.

The case study is based upon program document review; program site visits, including discussions with local staff, volunteers, beneficiaries, and community members; and observations of program activities. The primary audience for this case study includes OVC program implementers in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa, as well as relevant policy makers, funding agencies addressing OVC needs, and other local and international stakeholders.

Author:Tonya Renee Thurman and Kristin Neudorf
Publisher:Measure Evaluation
Publication Year:2008