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Name:Food and Climate Change, Connecting the Dots, Choosing the Way Forward

Climate change threatens the inherent relationship between food and climate and “has the potential to damage irreversibly the natural resource base on which agriculture depends.” 

Irreversible damage to agriculture and hence food production—could create widespread scarcity, economic disruption, and social unrest, with grave consequences for global food security.

This report strives to communicate the urgency to address climate change by reviewing basic parameters and thresholds necessary for food production. It lays out a range of climate change impacts such as drought and temperature increases and examines their actual and potential impacts on various crops. It then examines two competing systems of food production—industrial and organic—each with varying degrees of impact on climate change as well as varying capacity for resilience in the face of escalating climate related shocks.

Author:Centre for Food Safety
Publisher:Centre for Food Safety
Publication Year:2014