A home grown Africa Food and Nutrition Security Day

Last week saw the second year of celebrations of Africa Food and Nutrition Security Day which seeks to highlight the challenges that Africa faces in feeding its growing population. The African Union-led celebrations included events in Johannesburg and Addis Ababa. 

The high-level event in South Africa was entitled "Investing in intra-African trade for food and nutrition security" and focused on five important issues - Maternal and Child Health, Dietary diversification, Home Grown School Feeding (HGSF), Food fortification and Trade. 

The Partnership for Child Development (PCD) who are one of the co-ordinating partners in the HGSF programme played an important part in the South African event by sharing its experiences on HGSF. PCD board member Aggrey Kibenge gave an articulate introductory presentation on the HGSF concept, allowing the audience (many of whom had not before heard of HGSF) to fully understand the benefits of linking school feeding to local agricultural input. Break-out sessions were also held, with the session focused on HGSF exploring its linkage to trade and food security.

The second day of the Johannesburg event saw a high level panel including PCD Advocacy Manager Debbie Laycock, discuss the way forward in improving food security in Africa with HGSF being mentioned as an opportunity for governments to strengthen local agricultural production. 

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