Oxfam stand up for small-scale farmers

 In a recent push for their ‘GROW’ campaign, Oxfam are calling on the  UK government to do more to protect the rights of small-scale  farmers. 

The GROW campaign, which highlights climate change and rising food     prices (as a result of the food and fuel crisis), and intense farming  methods amongst reasons why, "nearly one billion people worldwide are prevented from not having enough to eat." And consequently, one in seven of the world's population will go to bed hungry. 

Crossing paths with aims of the HGSF initiative, Oxfam is urging supporters to take action ahead of the UN conference on sustainable development in June to advocate for an, “Increased investment in sustainable small-scale agriculture to lift farmers – many of whom are women – out of poverty”. 

Oxfam is also lobbying for fairer and sustainable methods of increasing global food production and promoting farmers rights through the crucial role of co-operatives which promote secure incomes and livelihoods through increased market access.  

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