White House Press Release - G-8 and African Leaders Commitment to the Scale Up Nutrition Movement

At the Camp David Summit, G-8 and African leaders will commit to the New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, in the next phase of its shared commitment towards achieving global food security. In partnership with Africa's people and leaders, our goals are to increase responsible domestic and foreign private investments in African agriculture, take innovations that can enhance agricultural productivity to scale and reduce the risk borne by vulnerable economies and communities which transform agriculture and build thriving economies and the critical role of the smallholder farmer, especially women.

The New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition is a shared commitment to achieve sustained and inclusive agricultural growth and raise 50 million people out of poverty over the next 10 years, through the alignment of the commitments of Africa's leadership to drive effective country plans and policies for food security. The Alliance welcomes the support of the World Bank and African Development Bank, and of the United Nations' World Food Programme.

The New Alliance pledges to:

Actively Support the Scaling Up Nutrition Movement and welcoming the commitment of African partners to improve the well-being of their populations, especially during the critical 1,000 days window from pregnancy to a child's second birthday, as well as pledging to maintain robust programmes to further reduce child stunting. 
  • To commit to improve tracking and disbursements for nutrition access sectors and ensure coordination of nutrition activities across sectors. 
  • Support the accelerated release, adoption and consumption of bio-fortified crop varieties, crop diversification, and related technologies to improve the nutritional quality of food in Africa.
Other pledges include to:
  • Develop a nutrition policy research agenda and support the efforts of African institutions, civil society and private partners to establish nutritional learning centres.
  • Help realise the promise of the L'Aquila Summit (to act with the scale and urgency to achieve sustained global food security).
  • To mobilize private capital for food security (to support the preparation and financing of bankable agricultural infrastructure projects).
  • To determine 10-year targets, in partner countries for sustainable agricultural yield improvements, adoption of improved production technologies, as well as post harvest management practices as part of a value-chain approach, and measures to ensure ecological sustainability and safeguard agro-biodiversity. 
  • To support the Platform for Agricultural Risk Management (PARM). 
  • To convene a Leadership Council to drive and track implementation, which will report to the G-8 and African Union on progress towards achieving commitments made by the private sector.  
Read more about the New Alliance and renewed pledges in the full press release from the White House. 

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