Committee on World Food Security recommends Home Grown School Feeding

The 39th session of the FAOCommittee on World Food Security (CFS), finished on 20 October gave interesting recommendations, including a clear message to support local purchases, which have been have been endorsed in its final report. The recognition of the relevance of local procurement for food security may be a hint of positive change in mindset for the years ahead.

Based on the High Level Panel of Experts report on social protection and food security, the CFS, the most inclusive international and intergovernmental platform for all stakeholders working on food security and nutrition, recommends that Members’ States and international organisations launch programmes aimed at supporting “agricultural livelihoods and productivity for the poor”.

In an exhaustive list that includes production input support agricultural livelihood packages and extension services, there is a strong message on procurement, and supporting home-grown school feeding that purchases food from local smallholder farmers. Therefore, purchasing locally is recognized as an important means for the development of domestic resources as well as the eradication of hunger.

Over the years, pro-poor procurement has come back onto the international agenda, including the High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness and the recent Rio+20 meeting. Recent research, has particularly highlighted how sustainable and public procurement can generate income, reduce costs and support the transfer of skills and technology. 

Local procurement also allows aid to have a double dividend and support domestic enterprises. It helps smallholder farmers access markets as well as farmers’ organizations to be strengthened. Moreover, through the use of country procurement systems, developing countries’ governments can increase their accountability and ownership, which allows them to efficiently launch social programmes and provide for their own people.

Read the original article by Francesca Giubilo, Committee on World Food Security recommends Home Grown School Feeding, on the European Network on Debt and Development. 

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