Honduran Government Increases Commitment to School Feeding

Honduran child in schoolThe Honduran School Feeding Programme is the largest social initiative in the country today. It reaches 1.4 million pupils, ensuring Honduran children are well-fed and able to concentrate in school when there.

The programme, largely supported by Purchase for Progress (P4P) started in 1999 and thanks to P4P, ensures that Honduran smallholders are increasingly providing food for the school meals which 92 percent of the children enrolled receive.

Over the years, the Government of Honduras has steadily increased its commitment and programme ownership of the programme; since 2009, more than 18,000 tons of maize and beans were bought from some 11,000 small farmers for school meals. 

The Government is also integrating local communities into the programme. Through parents committees, the communities are responsible for the management and preparation of food and for overall programme monitoring. The municipalities assist in food transportation and storage, and teachers make sure that schools meet hygiene standards. 

The Government’s financial commitment, the wide support at the community level and the emphasis on purchases from smallholder farmers are important steps towards ensuring the sustainability of the Honduran school meals programme over the long term.

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