Brazilian Ministers welcome participants at the Global Child Nutrition Forum 2013

Welcoming ceremony at GCNF 2013, Brazilian ministers with co-organisers of the Forum

300 participants representing 37 countries were welcomed by Brazilian ministers advocating for school feeding implementation at the Global Child Nutrition Forum’s (GCNF) 2013 opening ceremony. 

School feeding and child development is crucial for the development of our country,” said the Governor of Bahia, Brazil Jack Wagner. He continued, “We are sure that school feeding is an attraction for getting children in school and we need to realise that bringing education to our children is a priority.”  

Other panellists at the welcoming ceremony included: Hon. Aloizio Mercadante, Minister of Education, Government of Brazil; Ambassador Fernando Jose Marroni de Abreu, Director, Brazilian Cooperation Agency, ABC alongside Forum organisers, Mr Daniel Balaban, Director of the WFP Centre of Excellence Against Hunger, and Ms Gene White, President of the Global Child Nutrition Foundation. 

The Forum held in the Bahia district of Brazil – one of the most rural regions of the country will give participants the opportunity to learn about local experiences and elements of the Brazilian School Feeding Programme which has been hailed as an example of best practice in school feeding implementation around the world. 

Using its experience and expertise, the Brazilian government have been able to provide south-to-south support to other countries wishing to implement the programmes. So far, this assistance has extended to 43 countries. 

During the Forum participants will also have the opportunity to join field trips to different regions of the Bahia state to see first-hand local experiences and elements of the Brazilian School Feeding Programme: this visit will include a smallholder farm, a local cooperative, a distribution centre and a school. 

The Forum runs from 20 – 24 May and will  cover topics on how to achieve effective, sustainable HGSF implementation.  

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