Gambia to Implement Home Grown School Feeding Programme

The Gambia Government has requested the World Food Programme (WFP) support in establishing a sustainable nationally-owned Home Grown School Feeding programme which is to be implemented by 2020.

This announcement comes less than a month after The Gambia, in partnership with the Partnership for Child Development and the World Bank hosted a workshop centred on Home Grown School Feeding programme implementation, which convened experts and policy makers from 12 countries in the West African region. 

Building on WFP's experience of more than 40 years in The Gambia, this development project provides targeted capacity development at central, regional and community levels, guided by recommendations from an impact evaluation carried out by WFP on the country's school feeding programme.

The multi-sectoral task force has the mandate to guide the implementation process of the project, while WFP provides technical support. Speaking on behalf of the regional governor, Alhaji Malang Saibo Camara, the deputy governor, underscored the importance of the forum.

He said it will go a long way towards strengthening the overall institutional and policy framework for a school feeding system, consolidating and improving the gains achieved in access to Early Childhood Education Development Centres (ECDC) and Lower Basic Schools, through direct support for school feeding in the most vulnerable regions and districts, especially those with particularly poor education statistics.

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