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School lunch in Kenya

Paul Tergat is a two-time Olympic silver medalist in the 10,000 meters and founder of the Paul Tergat Foundation, which seeks to nurture the athletic potential of rural Kenyan youth. As a World Food Programme “Ambassador Against Hunger” since 2004, Tergat travels the globe in support of the same school feeding programmes that set him on a path to success.

Decades before I broke the world record in the marathon, I would run to school each morning—three miles through my homeland, the Rift Valley of Kenya.  Why?  Because at school, I had a nutritious meal waiting for me, provided by the United Nations World Food Program (WFP).

The WFP school meals program changed my life.  I went from a boy who couldn’t concentrate in class to one who literally ran to and from school each day.  This helped unlock my athletic talent that led me to set the marathon world record in 2003.

Hunger is a solvable problem, and school meal programmes are a solution proven to work.  Every year, WFP provides school meals to 22 million children in 60 countries.  But that covers only a fraction of the need.  There are 66 million primary-school children across the globe, including 23 million in Africa alone, who come to school hungry each day.

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