2014 - Year of Agriculture and Food Security in Africa

2014 was declared, by the African Union Assembly of Heads of State and Government, as a Year of Agriculture and Food Security in Africa" Marking the 10th Anniversary of the adoption of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP). The year intends to: consolidate active commitments toward new priorities, strategies and targets for achieving results and impacts, with special focus on sustained, all Africa agriculture-led growth, propelled by stronger, private sector investment and public-private partnerships.

The Year of Agriculture and Food Security will be commemorated across Africa, in Member States, Regional Economic Communities, Continental organisations, and of course at the AU Headquarters. It will be a year that gives opportunities to communities, state and non-state actors to interact, express their voices on what works and chart the focus and targets for the next decade. This engagement and dialogue will contribute towards setting the agenda for sustaining the CAADP momentum, which forms the basis for African leaders to recommit themselves to realizing the original vision set out in 2003.

Sustaining the CAADP momentum

A decade of CAADP experience has demonstrated that Africa has a well-crafted, home-grown framework guiding policies, strategies and actions for agricultural development and transformation. The framework has been instrumental in raising the profile of agriculture at the centre of the development agenda at national, regional and global levels, and facilitating mobilization and alignment of multi-stakeholder partnerships and investments around national agriculture and food security investment plans that have been developed through the CAADP process.

Through the instrumentality of CAADP, African agriculture and food security concerns remained high on the policy agenda at national, regional, continental and global levels. Thanks to such concerted actions, the performance of Africa’s agriculture has been encouraging with annual agricultural GDP growth having averaged nearly 4 percent since 2003 – well above the agricultural share of GDP growth rates for the past several decades. It is absolutely necessary to sustain the momentum of such a positive change and development taking place in Africa well into the next decade.

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