Micronutrient Forum

Micronutrient Forum Global Conference
June 2 - 6 2014
Bridging Discovery and Delivery
United Nations Economic Commission for Africa
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

The Micronutrient Forum is a consultative group that brings together people from a wide array of sectors who share an interest in reducing micronutrient malnutrition – including researchers, policy-makers, program implementers, and the private sector. The Micronutrient Forum facilitates dialogue, fosters collaboration, and disseminates up-to-date research to improve the design and implementation of scalable programmes, as well as to identify and facilitate the filling of key evidence gaps.

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10th Africa School Health and Nutrition Course

The 10th Africa Course on Strengthening Contemporary School Health and Nutrition (SHN) Programmes, held in Accra, Ghana. 

The course will bring together SHN policy makers, United Nations and civil society staff from across Anglophone Africa to focus on effective SHN implementation to benefit the lives of millions of children and advance MDGs on Education and Health.

10 day course breakdown

Co-organised by Partnership for Child Development​ (PCD), the Eastern and Southern Africa Centre of International Parasite Control​​ (ESACIPAC) and and the West African Centre for International Parasite Control​, (WACIPAC) this year's course, celebrated for its 10th year, will train course participants over 10 days, where lectures, workshops, country action plan sessions and field visits will be facilitated. On the first day of the course participants will attend the 10th Anniversary Symposium.

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Announcing the 2nd Annual Africa Food Security Conference & Agri - Exhibition

2nd Annual - Africa Food Security Conference & Agri- Exhibition, 12-13 August 2014  

Government ministries, top level officials and international industry leaders will come together in Nairobi, Kenya for the 2nd Annual Conference themed, Ensuring Sustainable Food Security in Africa Old Challenges - New Solutions.

The conference's timely theme provides an opportunity for policy makers and other players in the industry to explore timely topics and solutions as a kick start towards finding lasting and sustainable solutions to the perennial challenges on food security in Africa.

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The 10th CAADP Partnership Platform Meeting March 2014

The 10th CAADP Partnership Platform Meeting, ICC, Durban, South Africa
March 18 2014 – March 22 2014

Marking the 10th Anniversary of the adoption of the Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme (CAADP), 2014 was declared, by the African Union Assembly of Heads of State and Government, as a “Year of Agriculture and Food Security in Africa".

The 10th CAADP Partnership Platform Meeting (CAADP PP) is one of the major events lined up in 2014 as part of facilitating consultations and dialogue amongst agricultural stakeholders on the continent and beyond.

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Advancing Global Food Security in the Face of Climate Change

Global leaders will convene at The Chicago Council's Global Food Security Symposium 2014 to chart a course for how the US government, in partnership with business and civil society and international organizations, can advance global food security in the face of climate change and resource scarcity.

The global food system is growing fragile, even as it needs to become more resilient and productive to cope with soaring demand amid dwindling natural resources. A changing climate and increasingly volatile weather could reduce food production globally by 2 percent each decade this century. The majority of the world's growers, especially small-scale farmers in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, and agrifood businesses, will have to adapt to these conditions if food production is to be increased sustainably and nutritiously by 60% by 2050.

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