Operational Support

School_Feeding_182The Ghana School Feeding programme resides in the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. Although this may be uncommon , it provides the best option to effectively implement the ‘caterer model’ of school feeding in Ghana considering the current decentralization system. Per Ghana laws, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development is directly responsible for all local government and development activities carried out at the district and sub-district levels (Local Government Act 462). This implementation arrangement thus promotes the harnessing of institutional and collaborative resources of existing public sector institutions, helping to reduce cost and avoid duplication of efforts.

By effectively devolving school feeding activities to the district level, the programme design reinforces participation, creativity and implementation that better responds to local contexts and needs. Stimulating and sustaining local agriculture production is strategically relevant for attaining Millennium Development Goal 1, that of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger. 

The programme has an elaborate structure that promotes participation and partnership from the national level to the local or school level involving both civil society and the development community.

National level: the Programme Steering Committee acts as the Board to the programme supervising and advising the implementation process. Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development hosts the programme and together with the National Secretariat this constitutes structures at the national level.