Institutional Capacity


The Ghanaian government has an intricate structure for implementing the GSFP. From national to school level there are a number of government bodies and committees responsible for implementing the programme. The GSFP structure is integrated into the existing Governmental framework, with programme activities and direction being coordinated from a central point at the GSFP National Secretariat.

The National Secretariat is led by a National Coordinator who is supported by a Deputy, a number of programme officers, a logistics/administration team and regional officers. At District level the programme is managed by the District Implementing Committee and School Implementing Committee, a decentralised governance framework means programme decision making mostly occurs at this level.

Policy level decision making is undertaken by the Ministry of Local Governance and Rural Development and technical support is sought from other ministries through the Programme Steering Committee. The programme Steering Committee commits focal points, influence and resources to the programme, acting as a high level advisory group and contact point for programme partners.