Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation

IMG 1911 MobileMonitoring and Evaluation (M&E) are fundamental aspects of good programme management. M&E provides data on programme progress and effectiveness which can be used for planning and improving programme management and decision making.

The Osun Elementary School Feeding (O’MEALS) programme is monitored by a wide variety of stakeholders at the state, local government authority and school level: The State Monitoring Committee and State Steering Committee are responsible for programme oversight; Zonal Inspectors of Education and Local Inspectors of Education are responsible for the monitoring and the feeding process, environmental health and enrolment data; And the Schools Based Management Committee is responsible for programme oversight at the school level.

Previous monitoring of the programme did not give an overview of the impact the programme on education, nutrition and agricultural outcomes. Despite the wealth of resources, observations and reports available this made collating data for general operational use and decision-making impossible.

The State of Osun with technical support from the Partnership for Child Development, Imperial College London is attempting to design an M&E strategy that outlines a comprehensive approach evaluation. This document will greatly assist in accurately assessing the impact of programme activities over time.

For more information download a two page O'Meals Programme Snapshot