Operational Support

DSCF1220 MobileCoordination and implementation of Osun State's school feeding programme is undertaken by the Elementary School Feeding and Health programme (O'MEALS) secretariat with programme oversight provided by the Ministry of Education (MoE). There is significant coordination between Government ministries and various levels of government in the implementation of the programme.  This is mandated by the multi sectorial National School Health policy that places the responsibility of the programme under the MoE. The policy also identifies cross-sectoral responsibilities in the delivery of the school feeding services.

By design, the O'MEALS delegates significant responsibility to the lowest functioning levels –the school kitchen (caterer driven model). The cooks are also employed from within the local community.  They are responsible for managing their own budgets and procuring ingredients for the daily meals with the exception of chicken, beef and eggs. These are collected from distribution centres in their Local Government Authority. Local farmers involved in poultry and beef production have benefited immensely from these arrangements. This approach has contributed immensely to the opportunities for income-generation and community development in the State.

Supporting Ministries

There are collaborating ministries and partners that support the activities of O'MEALS.  The line ministries and agencies includes ministries of health, agriculture, commerce and co-operatives, finance, women affairs, the Osun State Agricultural and Development Programme, Osun Rural Empowerment and Agricultural Programme Office, through the Quick Impact Intervention Programme (QIIP). International collaborators include Partnership for Child Development, Imperial College London and United Nations Children Emergency Fund.

For more information download a two page O'Meals Programme Snapshot.