Innovative school meals planning tool expands reach in Ghana

Imperial College London's Partnership for Child Development have begun to expand its on and offline School Meals Planner enhancing the quality, quantity of school meals in Ghana's northern region - specifically, into districts in which partners, the World Food Programme (WFP) operate in.

To do this, PCD have been training WFP staff to use both the planner and handy measures - everyday items such as spoons and jugs which calibrate food quantities. Equipped with this new knowledge WFP are set to roll out training for district level actors and caterers within their project districts, and they will also ensure caterers are fully equipped with the handy measure tools they need.

The school meals planner, alongside the handy measures, allows users to plan and create nutritionally balanced and fully costed school meals using locally available food. It is the first tool of its kind to show the macro and micronutrient contents of cooked meals made from locally procured ingredients.