Sourcing From Local Farmers

home_bot_sourcingSince 2013, PCD have been looking at how Kenya’s Home Grown School Meals (HGSM) programme has benefited farmers in the Kenya's Kilifi and Lamu counties.

As part of this assessment, PCD trained data collectors to gather information from 1409 farmers across 13 communities, using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. 

With this information as well as data from a follow up survey to take place on March 2015 the Kenyan Government will be best informed on how to help improve smallholder farmer produce and access to markets, helping to enhance the overall security and sustainability of the HGSM programme.   

The results of this survey showed that:

  • Maize and cowpea (a drought resistant crop) are the most popular crops grown, and both are grown during the two short and long rainy seasons
  • Modern technologies are needed so that the farmers are not rainfall dependent to produce food crops
  • Extension services need to be improved
  • 63.7 % of the farmers interviewed experienced food shortages over the last year, which could be attributed to drought and low rates of food production