Community: Farmers, school children and teachers


The community includes small scale local farmers, parents and their children – whether enrolled in school or not, teachers and managers of the primary schools, and all stakeholders of the school feeding resident in the district. The community manages school feeding program in the school, nominates its managers of school meals from among themselves and defines the rules and sanctions.  The managers are nominated or drawn from the community. These are the school management committee mangers and the school meals committee managers.  This arrangements boosts governance of the food.

The documents available here are specifically relevant to local community members and include policy and programming background on HGSF at the global and regional levels.  Additionally, operational support information provides background on local foods, operational guidelines and toolkits, as well as operational data.  The monitoring and evaluation section includes case studies that highlight good practice and lessons learned from a number of countries, impact evaluations of the benefits and trade-offs of different programmatic designs, and monitoring reports of programme operations.  Advocacy resources are also provided that can be used to relay key HGSF messages at the community level.

Operational support
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Country stats
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