Policy and Programme

Home Grown School Feeding (HGSF) is defined as the "Provision of locally sourced food in schools in order to support education (access and quality of the learning conditions) and production of the local economy". In Mali, ‘Locally sourced’ means to be able to buy in region A and to consume in either regions A or B. As food production in Mali is irregular, buying in region A to consume in region B is acceptable as long as purchase and consumption take place within Mali.

School feeding aims to substantially improve the quality of life of populations by improving child health and education and to develop local agriculture.

The main educational objectives in Mali include: 

  • The consistent education of school-aged children, especially girls, in disadvantaged areas
  • The physical, psychological, and intellectual development of the child
  • Improving learning conditions

Agricultural objectives are to increase agricultural productivity and local farmers’ income for both farmers and the wider communities' benefits. On a larger scale, HGSF can be seen as a way to gain food security by developing the local economy and agricultural production.