Recent Publications

Plan de Communication Alimentation Scolaire

Plan de Communication Mali's National Center for School Canteens (CNCS) initiated the development of a Communication Plan, in accordance with the National Policy Food School and within the implementation of the Strategy Sustainability of School Feeding in Mali, to improve communication around school feeding programmes and collaboration between actors so better management and sustainability of Mali's school feeding programme can be ensured. 

The overall objective of this Communication Plan is to create a culture of internal and external communication about school feeding in Mali but more specifically, the Communication Plan haa number of internal and external objectives. 

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Rapport en quete écoles á cantines

Rapport en quete écoles á cantinesIn partnership with the World Food Programme, the Partnership for Child   Development provided technical assistance for the design and implementation of Mali's national school feeding programme. This paper summarises the findings of a study which has since been carried out, for the purpose of providing recommendations to the Ministry of Education for further improving the programme.

The study specifically looks areas of Monitoring & Evaluation and the Impact Assessment of Mali's school feeding based on summarised data and collection. 

Download Rapport d'enquete sur le niveau de preparation des ecoles gouvernementales devant beneficier de l'emop 


Stratégie Nationale de Suivi-Évaluation

Strategie Nationale_imageThe National Strategy for Monitoring and Evaluation activities fills a gap in supporting efforts to deliver school feeding activities more effeciently and effectively.

This report undertaken by Mali's National Center for School Canteens, PCD, Dutch development organisation, SNV and the World Food Programme effectively ensures a single framework for M&E activities to be undertaken to see consensus on implementation of Mali's national school feeding policy.  

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Stratégie de Pérennisation de l'Alimentation Scolaire

Strategie de_Perennisation_de_lAlimentation_Scolaire_au_Mali_imageTo overcome address challenges in Mali’s Home Grown School Feeding implementation, the Ministry of Education and partners including PCD, Dutch development organisation, SNV and the World Food Programme developed a “Stratégie de Pérennisation de l’Alimentation Scolaire” (Sustainable School Feeding Strategy) to further support activities in Mali, enhancing capacity building and technical assistance for successful transitioning to sustainable programmes. Essentially, this is an advocacy document, providing clear guidance on the needs and priorities for assistance.

The first phase of the strategy covers a period of three years (2013 – 2015), and after each year a periodic review will take place. PCD, WFP supported the Mali’s National Center of School Canteens in the preparation and finalization of this document, and they continue to play a large role in school feeding implementation.