The Partnership for Child Development (PCD)

PCD_logoThe Partnership for Child Development (PCD) is a global consortium of civil society organizations, academic institutions and technical experts, with a Coordinating Centre based within the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at Imperial College in London.

Since the creation of PCD in 1992, it has been at the forefront of harmonizing multi-sectoral efforts to enable low-income countries to implement effective, scaled, and sustainable school health and nutrition programmes.

PCD currently works with over 50 countries (37 of which are in SSA) and over 100 development partners at international, regional, sub-regional and country levels. In recent years, 75% of these SSA countries have successfully transitioned to government owned, funded and implemented programmes.

PCD will build upon this experience and success to create an enabling environment to bring together all key stakeholders to determine the economic, educational, and social benefits of HGSF and work together to develop effective and sustainable programmes.

For more information on schools, health and nutrition and on the work of PCD visit:
www.schoolsandhealth.org or www.child-development.org


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