School Health and Nutrition

home_bot_schoolHealthy, well-fed children learn better.  Home grown school feeding (HGSF) programmes can help get children into school and help to keep them there, through enhancing enrolment and reducing absenteeism.  Once the children are in school, the programmes can also contribute to their learning, through avoiding hunger and enhancing cognitive abilities.  These effects may be potentiated by complementary actions, especially through deworming and providing micronutrients.

The resources available here pertain to the education and nutrition benefits of HGSF programmes for schoolchildren.  The policy and programme section provides background on HGSF at the global and regional levels, particularly as regards school feeding.  Operational support documents are also available, including information on local foods, operational guidelines and toolkits, and operational data.  Case studies and impact evaluation findings in the monitoring and evaluation section provide further information on the benefits and trade-offs of various HGSF modalities.  Resources are also provided that highlight relevant HGSF messages for advocacy purposes.

Policy and programme
Operational support
Monitoring and evaluation
Advocacy resources


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