HGSF Donors and Policy Makers


As governments are exploring home grown school feeding as a mechanism to simultaneously tackle food insecurity, stimulate local agriculture, increase rural incomes, feed vulnerable children at school, and support education, policy makers play an integral role in shaping the most appropriate role for HGSF in countries’ development agendas. 

A policy basis helps strengthen potential for sustainability and quality of implementation and often involves inclusion of HGSF in poverty reduction strategies as well as sectoral policies and plans.  In light of the transition toward government led programmes, there are also clear opportunities for donors to support sustainable, multisectoral approaches to HGSF.

The resources available here are specifically relevant to policy makers and donors and address the sustainability and multisectoral dimensions of HGSF programmes.  The policy and programme section provides background on HGSF at the global and regional levels.  Operational support information is also available that can help inform decision making, as can the case studies and impact evaluation findings in the monitoring and evaluation section.  Resources are also provided that highlight key HGSF messages for advocacy purposes.

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Monitoring and evaluation
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