HGSF Researchers and Practitioners

School_Feeding_182A growing body of research around HGSF is helping inform the design and implementation of national programmes.  This evidence base being generated by researchers and translated into programming by practitioners continues to strengthen HGSF knowledge and operations.  Some of the key HGSF operational research themes that are currently being explored include:

  • the incorporation of smallholder farmers in HGSF procurement systems;
  • the level of centralization of procurement processes;
  • the impact of market expansion on the agriculture sector;
  • the impact of increased demand for agriculture products on child labor and school participation;
  • the education and nutritional benefits and associated trade-offs of different HGSF programme designs, including targeting and food modalities; and
  • cost, cost-efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of different HGSF modalities.

Findings from this research and experience from programme implementation continues to build the evidence base for HGSF moving forward.  The resources available here are specifically relevant to researchers and practitioners involved in the design and implementation of HGSF programmes.  The policy and programme section provides background on HGSF at the global and regional levels.  Additionally, operational support information provides background on local foods, operational guidelines and toolkits, as well as operational data.  The monitoring and evaluation section includes case studies that highlight good practice and lessons learned from a number of countries, impact evaluations of the benefits and trade-offs of different programmatic designs, and monitoring reports of programme operations.  Resources are also provided that highlight key HGSF advocacy messages.

Policy and programme
Operational support

Monitoring and evaluation
Advocacy materials