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Name:Support to NEPAD–CAADP Implementation

NEPAD–CAADP National Medium–Term Investment Programme (NMTIP)

NEPAD: New Partnership for Africa’s Development
CAADP: Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Programme

The document starts with a brief description and analysis of Ghana’s agricultural sector in
the context of the country’s economy and poverty and food security situation. This is followed by a
review of national and development partner strategies and programmes, lessons learnt, and an
analysis of the principal constraints to as well as opportunities for the development of the sector.
Priorityareas for investment have been proposed and a list of projects identified for preparation. Finally, an attempt is made to estimate the financing gap in terms of additional resources that would be required to meet the target of allocating 10 percent of the national budget to the sector by 2009, and to achieve the sector goals, and a proposal put forward for Monitoring and Evaluation of the NMTIP.

Publisher:Government of Ghana
Publication Year:2005