1.8 million school children fed on first day of Kaduna State School Feeding Programme

Kaduna Executive Governor  Mallam El Ruifai joined children for their first school meal of the programme. 

Kaduna State in Nigeria has just annouced the successful launch of its state-wide Home Grown School Feeding (HGSF) programme. The government-led programme will provide one meal per day to 1.8 million pupils in the State's public primary schools. 

In line with the National School Feeding Programme, being championed by Professor Yemi Osinbajo,  Nigeria's Vice Presidentthe Kaduna HGSF programme is designed to provide nutritionally balanced meals for schoolchildren, create catering jobs and provide a boost to local agricultural producers as well as expose Kaduna State to new skills and hygiene standards.  

Through this programme over 17,000 catering vendors have been trained and employed and the food used in programme will be procured from local smallholder farmers. To ensure hygiene and nutritional standards are maintained a call centre has be created to monitor the success of the programme. 

To mark the launch His Excellency Governor of Kaduna State, joined the pupils at the school for break time lunch together with the commissioner and the team from the office of the Vice President.

Speaking at the launch,  Abimbola Adesanmi,  from Partnership for Child Development who are providing technical assistance to the programme said, 

"The postive impacts of Kaduna’s new school feeding programme are significant not only to the children whose health and education outcomes we would expect to improve but also the wider community who will benefit from more employment opportunities, increased agricultural investment and exposure to new  skills and hygiene standards."

"We look forward to providing  technical support to other states who are looking to follow  Kaduna’s lead and invest in their own HGSF programme."

The Kaduna School Feeding Menu

MONDAY -Yam/Sweet potato+ egg sauce

TUESDAY -Rice+beans+orange

WEDNESDAY- Beans porridge/vegetable+fish

THURSDAY -Moi moi +garnished with vegetable

FRIDAY- High Energy/Ordinary biscuit yoghurt/juice/milk

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