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Working Paper #1 Linking Small Holder Agriculture to School Food Provision

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Working Paper #1 Linking Small Holder Agriculture to School Food Provision

The first paper in the HGSF Working Paper Series, titled Linking Small Holder Agriculture to School Food Provision provides an overview of PCD's HGSF programme approach and is aimed at clarifying what HGSF is. The different elements of what is involved in the HGSF system are “unpacked” as a set of interventions aimed at delivering benefits across education, health, nutrition and agriculture development. 

The paper first describes the scoping analytical framework that was developed to examine the HGSF framework and possible designs for HGSF impact evaluations, some of the findings of the initial scoping analysis are then described before concluding remarks are made.

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Introducing the HGSF Working Paper Series

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Children in MaliDespite recent efforts, there are several important gaps in the knowledge on optimal implementation and measures of the effectiveness of Home Grown School Feeding programmes. The programme theory on the educational benefits of school feeding is generally well established and underpinned by an increasingly robust evidence base. 

To support government transition from externally driven school feeding to sustainable HGSF programmes, the Partnership for Child Development (PCD) launched its support to the initiative to promote government action to deliver sustainable, nationally owned school feeding programmes sourced from local farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. 

PCD's work for the initiative which is supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, sees the provision of direct, evidence-based and context-specific support and expertise for the design and management of school feeding programmes linked to local agricultural production.

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