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Name:Promoting quality education for orphans and vulnerable children a source book

As the number of orphans and vulnerable children grows, their communities become less and less capable of addressing all their basic needs, including their ability to go to school. This source book was undertaken with the primary goal of documenting interventions from throughout the region that show some promise of helping young people achieve their educational goals. Included within the source book is the note on school feeding and nutritional attention for aiding orphans and vulnerable children. It charts the successes and challenges of 12 programmes in different parts of Eastern and Southern Africa, ranging in scope from single source, community-based initiatives to sweeping national policies. The case studies highlight current innovation, draw lessons from them and together point to future good practice. Major lessons learned include the need for a holistic, rights-based approach and strong coordination between programme efforts and upstream policy. As inspiring and promising as these programmes may be, the educational response to the HIV pandemic cannot be left to the will of individuals or small organizations. The response must be multi-sectoral and large scale if it is to surpass the scale of the epidemic itself.

Author:UNICEF, PCD, World Bank
Publisher:UNICEF, PCD, World Bank
Publication Year:2012