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Name:Botswana HGSF TDP workshop report

The Government of Botswana through the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development conducted a two day meeting at Tlotlo Conference Centre in Gaborone. This was to develop a Home Grown School Feeding (HGSF) Technical Development Plan (TDP). The Plan is to assist in the implementation of a HGSF programme that the Government is interested to initiate. HGSF advocates for linking agricultural development to school feeding through the purchase of locally produced foods. In this case, HGSF ensures that smallholder farmers are included in the programme. It is a ‘win win situation’ for both school children and smallholder farmers. It is worth noting that the interest in going the HGSF way comes at an opportune time when there is an existing Lethlafula initiative (purchase of fresh food supplies) for school feeding that came as a directive from the President of the Republic of Botswana. The decision to embrace HGSF stems from the 2011 case study that was conducted to review the school feeding programme. Following the study was a stakeholder workshop in November 2011 to disseminate the results of the study and map a way forward.  In order to ensure an effective HGSF implementation, the need to develop a Technical Development Plan that maps out and guides the implementation of HGSF is imperative.

Publication Year:2013