6th Annual School Health and Nutrition Short Course

Children_at_windowStrengthening Contemporary School Health, Nutrition & HIV Prevention Programmes

8 - 17 June 2010
Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research Ghana, Accra

School, health and nutrition (SHN) programmes are essential to achieving Education for All and the Millennium Development Goals. This interactive and participatory course aims to strengthen the capacity of the health and education sectors to respond effectively to the needs of school-age populations at school level.  

The course provides participants from all over Africa and beyond with an up-to-date, comprehensive introduction to concepts and current practices in improving the health, nutrition and education of schoolchildren.    

Participants are able to strengthen their skills, access the latest research and knowledge, form new partnerships, exchange experiences, address their country-specific needs, enhance their existing SHN and HIV activities, and use a results-based planning process to develop SHN and HIV implementation plans and training manuals.

Using the FRESH  framework, traditional and contemporary health and nutrition issues that affect the learning and educational outcomes of school-age children are discussed and prioritized. The cost-effectiveness, sustainability and monitoring and evaluation of programmes are addressed. A well designed field visit illustrates the challenges faced by schools, communities and stakeholders, and the feasibility of improvements will be examined.

Who is attending this course?

The course has been designed to serve the needs of:

  • Education, public health and community development professionals.
  • Project managers with a particular focus on programming in low income countries.

Course contents

The three key strengths of the course lie in: >

  1. The facilitation by current practitioners with recognized international and regional expertise in SHN.
  2. The exceptional opportunity the course provides as an annual forum for information exchange, debate and continued learning among programme managers and implementers engaged in SHN programmes.
  3. The inclusion of emerging issues and trends, identified by participants and facilitators, ensures that the course remains relevant and appropriate.

Course objectives

The course will enable participants to develop country-specific response plans reflecting all aspects of the FRESH framework. Technical support and follow up is provided to participating countries to ensure these plans are subsequently and successfully implemented. This support forms part of ongoing development partner initiatives on the continent that seek to harmonize SHN and HIV activities and sub-regional communication and networks.


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Key documents
6th Annual SHN Short Course Concept note pdf 590KB

6th Annual SHN Short Course flyer pdf 1MB

Report of 5th Annual SHN short course 2009 pdf 1MB 

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