Osun State Furthers Commitment to HGSF

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Osun State, Nigeria furthered its commitment to strengthen the state’s HGSF programme (known as O’Meals) by adopting three technical documents which both assess and outline how to improve the implementation of the programmes.

The documents - two case studies, a programme document and an M&E strategy, developed by Imperial College London's Partnership for Child Development (PCD) identify innovative measures that the state has and can introduce into the school feeding programme for its sustainability and productivity to benefit Osun State's development, as well as global learning on the programme.

 During the document's sign off ceremony Osun State's Deputy Governor Otunba Laoye-Tomori said, “PCD has been a great support to the O-meals programme and have provided the opportunity for the programme to be known globally” She continued, “the whole idea of turning Osun programme into a case study for the whole world to see is gladdening and exciting”.

Osun State’s programme currently provides hot nutritionally balanced school meals to over 252,000 children every school day using locally sourced produce supplied by smallholder farmers.

Since 2013, PCD has worked in close collaboration with the State Government to strengthen the programme delivery. During this time it has seen positive results, within four weeks of the O’Meals launch, school enrolment increase by approximately 25%, and at present, 2000 fish out-growers and 2000 chicken farmers have been secured of livelihoods.

The documents will also provide a framework for O’Meals legal and policy documents, which once developed, will coordinate and effectively allocate roles and responsibilities for both school feeding and school health activities within the states. 

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