A Role for National Food Reserve Agencies in Low and Middle Income Countries - 4 February

Seminar: A focus on market development role of national food reserve agencies in low and middle income countries.

Wednesday 4 February 2015, 13.15 - 14.15

Read Lecture Theatre, Sherfield Building, 5th Floor, Centre for Environmental Policy, Imperial College London

Lady with strategic grain reserves in Ghana

Description:The Partnership for Child Development (PCD)'s Samrat Singh will deliver a talk focused on the market development role of national food reserve agencies in low and middle income countries. National Food Reserve Agencies also known as Strategic Grain Reserves (SGR) have a very contentious history owing to their role as instruments for ‘undesirable’  intervention in agricultural markets.

This talk will briefly touch upon the challenges of agricultural market development, the role of smallholder farmers and the implications on food and nutrition security. It will then present emerging evidence from West Africa on the transition in SGR policy and examine the increasing recognition of the need for institutionalized catalytic intervention to support small holder farmers.government intervention in agricultural markets.

The talk is based on Samrat's ongoing work with PCD who work with sub-Saharan Africa governments to implement effective HGSF programmes. 

Biography: Samrat Singh is a research associate in food and agriculture policy at PCD. He holds degrees in social sciences, law and development studies. His current work is primarily focussed on agricultural commodity procurement, school feeding and national food reserve agencies in sub-Saharan Africa and includes research and technical assistance. Prior to joining Imperial College he worked in the area of local governance and public service delivery and practiced law in the Supreme Court of India.   

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