Operational Support and Toolkits

A range of operational support tools have been produced by the Partnership for Child Development (PCD) and partners to help strengthen the design and delivery of HGSF programmes. These tools (some of which are listed below) relate to: Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) programme design, indicator compendiums, data collection forms and check Lists, survey tools, assessment tools and guidelines, training and operational support manuals, and reporting formats. 


Boy being measured as part of a school feeding baseline survey in GhanaSchool Feeding Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Toolkit 

The M&E Toolkit was developed by PCD to offer a general overview of what should be included in the design and implementation of an effective M&E system for school feeding programmes.  The Toolkit is intended for use by programme managers within national government, administrators, schools and other stakeholders involved in school feeding management and operation and includes possible logical frameworks for school feeding, how to collect and use monitoring data, quality assurance, school feeding impact evaluations and M&E systems assessment. The toolit consists of four components:

Data dictionary/indicator compendium (including impact, outcomes, inputs, outputs and process indicators and recommended data sources)
Example data collection forms and survey tools
M&E systems assessment tools
M&E guidelines

Other Key Resources