State of School Feeding Worldwide Report

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State of School Feeding Worldwide Report

State of School Feeding Worldwide 

State of School Feeding seeks to begin a systematic process to better understand the strengths and challenges of school feeding programmes globally. It is a work in progress, and presents the current status of our understanding of school feeding. Information was drawn from a global survey conducted by World Food Programme (WFP) in early 2012 and a series of case studies and peer-reviewed technical working papers undertaken in collaboration with partners including the Partnership for Child Development (PCD) and the World Bank.

The analysis led to the identification of new areas that require more focused attention. The report highlights these areas and outlines the current research agenda on which WFP, the World Bank and PCD are currently collaborating. 

Other Publications in the Series

This analysis is the first of a series of three linked publications and begins a process of developing a stronger evidence-base for school feeding. The second publication, which is lead by PCD will be a collection of case studies exploring current country experiences with school feeding operations. The third will present the lessons learned by countries that have transitioned from external aid to national ownership.

The report is an attempt to share and learn among countries what works best in school feeding programmes, so that governments may explore their life-changing potential to nourish young bodies and minds in classrooms everywhere, particularly in the world’s poorest and most challenged communities.



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